dreams and goals

I have dreams and goals, who doesn’t?

Remember those times back at school, when teachers would give you a piece of paper and we’d write in there what our SPM results would be? It’s 9A or SPM 6 Aggregate (my days we used aggregate)

The teachers then would ask you to stick the papers somewhere where you could easily see; our lockers, on the side of the bed, on the plank of the top bunk or anywhere as long as we could see it.

Well there is actually science behind all that. True

Meet my vision board. A year’s worth of stuffs put up on the board. It does not just cover what I want but also what I feel. My dreams and goals.

Why is the vision board important?

Because it brings whatever on it to life!

When I see the board, it’s like mental exercising. I see where I am now and roughly get some ideas what needs to be done to reach where I want.

For example, noticed the PTPTN with an X mark? That means I want to rid myself of debts. I’ve cleared my study loan, and now what’s left is my personal loan (the old tint shop)

The board helps me focused in achieving goals. Throw in also stuffs that reminds you of good times. Keeping positive vibes clears the head and helps you push further ahead!

Why not try the vision board at home? Take your time, and pin your heart’s content onto the board.


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